Our Leadership

Since its establishment, Al Hilal Company has been at the forefront in the production, innovation and development of plastic tanks, and their accessories. The following are some of the company’s innovations and achievements:

First: Blow Molding Process

The Al Hilal Company, was one of the first companies to introduce air blowing technology in the Libyan and Arab markets, a technology that is the latest and best of its kind in the field of plastic tanks production.

This technology has many advantages, including:

  • Production of tanks without joints, which gives them strength, durability and a longer life.
  • The production lines are automated, ensuring superior quality products and zero manufacturing defects.

Second: Four Layer Water Tank

Al-Hilal Company was one of the first companies to produce plastic tanks with a 4-layer wall in Libya and the region, in order to ensure the health of its customers and the quality of its products.

This wall has many characteristics and specifications, as follows:

First layer:

  • White outer layer.
  • Reflects heat, sunlight, and UV rays.

Second layer:

  • Dark black layer.
  • It ensures that light does not leak, and also protects the tank from interactions, which prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Third layer:

  • Solid lead layer, forming the tank structure.
  • It has a great ability to withstand bending and prevents the tank from cracking.
  • Maintains constant water temperature.

Fourth layer:

  • Soft white inner layer.
  • Through this layer, any sediments, impurities, or residues can be easily detected.
  • It resists the erosion of the tank to ensure that the water is kept in a healthy manner and of the highest purity.

Third: Double Cover

Al Hilal Company pledged to always strive to develop its products, in this context, it added for the first time in the Libyan and Arab markets, the double cover to the tanks, consisting of the following:

  1. White outer cover: tightly sealed, prevents air from leaking into the tank, and maintains the tank’s aesthetic consistent shape.
  2. Dark inner cover: prevents light and heat from leaking into the tank, thus maintaining the purity of the water, and preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Fourth: Brass Tank Connection Nipple

–  Plastic tanks with all their features, previously needed technicians and specialists to install and put multiple additions to them, and among these additions are water exits and entrances.

– Therefore, for the first time locally and regionally, Al Hilal Company has added a Brass Nipple to its tanks, which makes the installation of the tank easy and convenient, so that it is possible to connect water inlet and drain pipes directly to the tank, without the need for any additional connections.

– In the interest of the health of its customers and the quality of its products, the Nipple is made of imported high-quality copper, made of the best raw materials compatible with international health standards, and it is not rust or interacts with liquids.

Fifth: Brass Air Deflate

Al Hilal Company has devoted its expertise, resources, and cadres to continuous research and development, so its innovations are always continuous, to reach the highest possible quality of its products.

In this context, the company added, for the first time, also at the level of Libya and the region, a Brass Air Deflate, to maintain the durability and strength of plastic tanks.

Made of high-quality imported copper, its main objective is to prevent the tanks from cracking due to the pressure caused by drawing water with electric pumps.

Sixth: Electric Buoy Entrance

Al-Hilal Company also took the lead at the local and regional levels in adding an entrance to the electric buoy.

Through this entrance, the wires can be easily passed into the tank, without the need to puncture the wall or the cover.

Seventh: Innovative Engineering Design

Because attention to detail is one of the characteristics of major companies that always seek to develop and innovate, Al Hilal Company has made sure that the tank wall is designed in a carefully thought-out geometric manner.

This design aims to preserve the tank body from cracking or tilting, in addition to its aesthetic appearance.

Eighth: Production Date

In the interest of the company to display the greatest degree of transparency about everything related to its products, the production date of each tank is placed at the bottom of its base.

Ninth: Raw Materials

Al-Hilal Company provides its customers with all the necessary raw materials for the plastic industries at the best prices and the best types, with the following specifications:

  • High durability.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • It is highly resistant to chemicals and salts.
  • It is not reactive with water or oxidized by moisture.
  • It prevents the growth of bacteria and the reproduction of fungi.
  • Compliant with international health and industrial standards.
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • ISO 14001 certified
  • Certified by the Australian Center for Water Quality.

Raw materials are imported from major international companies, such as:

Sabic - Formosa Plastics - Oxy – Axiall - Hyosung Chemical - LG Chem