About Us


The main goal for Al Hilal Allibi Company For Plastic Industry since it started its operations was leadership, because similar products are plenty, and can be acquired easily.

To this end, the company did its best to achieve its goal, and since hard work pays off, this was accomplished in the first year, by manufacturing multi-color plastic tanks in the Libyan market.

Milestones of Achievements

With the assistance of the most qualified, newest technologies know-how in the field on an international basis and through the participation in local and international exhibitions, the company succeeded in achieving its milestones one by one.

Al-Hilal Company has succeeded in achieving achievements that everyone has talked about, by innovating and adding many accessories to plastic tanks, and launching them for the first time in the local and regional markets.

These accessories were a breakthrough in the world of plastic tanks, especially as they saved a lot of effort and time in the installation process and made it easier.

Excellence, not limited to the local level only, but extended to include the region as a hole, the company was a pioneer in adding many innovations that are unparalleled in Libya and the Arab world.

Quality Control

Because staying at the top is more difficult than reaching it, Al Hilal made quality control an essential principle that cannot be abandoned.

The company has allocated an integrated department for quality control, which has a large number of tasks, including carrying out many types of inspections before the products enter the market, such as:

  • Final finishing inspection.
  • Nominal and actual capacity inspection.
  • Ability to withstand shocks and resistance of the tank to cracking inspection.
  • Wall thickness inspection.
  • Dimensions and weight inspection.
  • Cover fit inspection.
  • Stretching and tensile inspection.

25-Year Warranty

Al Hilal company focused on offering high quality and price competitive products and made customer satisfaction into its top priorities.

And for the first time in the local and international markets, Al Hilal introduced a new concept in achieving 100% customer satisfaction by giving a guarantee on its products for 25 years.

 And for the first time too, this guarantee includes errors not related to manufacturing such as installation errors, falls, and others.

Social Responsibility

Al Hilal started its work in the Libyan market, not only to achieve financial profit, but with the aim of actively participating in building and developing the community, and providing the local products a leading role locally, regionally, and perhaps globally.

Believing in its social responsibility, the company has introduced many development initiatives aimed at rebuilding.

Professional Management

Al Hilal company relies on a distinguished group of managerial specialists with international expertise in many fields.

Around 100 employees are working diligently in the company’s factories to produce and distribute high-quality products at unprecedented competitive prices.

Readiness, transportation and shipping

The high production capabilities of Al Hilal company made it always capable to meet the needs of its clients inside and outside the country in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

The company can provide orders in any quantity, and with special specifications according to the client’s request.

Al Hilal company has a fleet of vehicles to transport tanks of all sizes to all cities in Libya, with special discounts for international shipping.

Our History


  • Establishment of for Al Hilal Allibi Company For Plastic Industry.
  • The total area of ​​the factory is 2000 square meters, with a production capacity of 20 tanks per day.


  • Adding an additional opaque cover to the tank for the first time in Libya and the region.
  • Adding Brass Tank Connection Nipple for the first time in Libya and the region.
  • Adding air sewage to tanks for the first time in Libya and the region.
  • Production of plastic tanks with 3 layers.


  • The company’s giant factory was established on an area of 50 thousand square meters.
  • The company’s production lines have been completely changed.
  • The daily production capacity has been increased to 200 tanks, which can be increased.
  • The tanks were produced using the Blow Molding method.
  • Production of 4-layer plastic tanks.

Vision and Aim

Our Vision

Leadership is not a slogan, but rather it is the result of a continuous process of effort and hard work, with the aim of developing and innovating products that benefit customers.

This leadership makes the customer obtain high-quality, long-life products that can face all climatic conditions, and at the same time provide the customer with a safe and healthy life.

Our Aim

Through clear periodic plans, the Al Hilal Company succeeded in being the first company in Libya to manufacture plastic tanks, and it is now working to establish production branches in a number of Arab countries, to meet demand for its products from inside and outside Libya.


Long-lived, it can face all climatic conditions, and at the same time provides a safe and healthy life.